The Fastest Path to Google for Jobs

While it’s good news that your jobs are showing up on Google for Jobs currently, they are not optimized to accelerate your candidate flow, and deliver your best candidates directly to your site.

Relying solely on a job board posting creates several problems for you:

  • Most companies do not want to pay to have every job hosted on a job board
  • Google treats job boards and job aggregators the same so your candidates have to choose where to apply for your job – apply on your site is not shown as an option (see example)
  • Job boards are incentivized to show your candidates other jobs, potentially distracting them from applying
  • You are under-utilizing the investments you are making in your careers site

Jobiak is the fastest path to get your jobs on Google for Jobs directly and ensure that your best candidates come to you. Try out Jobiak now and see just how easy it is to get your job posted to Google for Jobs and start accelerating your candidate flow!

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