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In order to get your jobs up and optimized on Google, we need to access them!

Because we understand that every business is unique, we’ve developed several extraction solutions geared towards creating a world-class customer experience with a quick time to value.

We are proud to offer 3 comprehensive and easy-to-implement job extraction methods for our enterprise customers:

  1. XML Feed (Recommended)
  2. Career Site Scrape
  3. ATS Integration

XML Feed

An XML feed allows you to define your own elements for sharing structure data. Jobiak accommodates any type of XML feed to extract jobs from an enterprise (that’s you) hosted URL.

In order to ensure a seamless integration, we ask you to provide XML feeds that follow and/or include 5 mandatory fields for your jobs. These are the fields that Google for Jobs requires.

While only 5 fields are mandatory, we recommend populating 9 fields (which includes the 5 mandatory fields) to ensure the best results from your posts. 

XML Fields: 

Example URL for your reference:

Company Name - Mandatory

    • The name of the company on behalf of which the job is being posted. In above URL the tag <Company>USAA</Company> gives the company name.

Job Title - Mandatory

This field consists of the title of the job. Recommended: The title should not have any special characters. Google considers special characters on the job title as spam.

The above sample URL with tag 


Cyber Security Software Development Engineer- Lead level Job


Job Location - Mandatory

The physical location(s) of the business where the employee will report to work (such as an office or worksite), not the location where the job was posted.

The above sample URL with tag 

<Location>Plano, TX</Location>

Job Description - Mandatary

The full description of the job in HTML format.

The description should be a complete representation of the job, including job responsibilities, qualifications, skills, working hours, education requirements, and experience requirements. The description can’t be the same as the title.

The above sample URL with tag 


Description</p><p>Our client is currently seeking an Electrical and Automation Specialist for their food manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, IN area.</p><p>Qualifications<br>• Must be open to 3rd shift (Monday – Friday)<br>• 3+ years of equipment and building maintenance experience within an industrial setting; automated warehouse experience is preferred.<br>• 3+ years of equipment and building maintenance experience within an industrial setting; automated warehouse experience is preferred.<br>• 3+ years experience with PLC programs, PLC to PC interface systems, SCADA systems, various motion and photoelectric control applications, and AC/DC drive systems.<br>• Proven ability to successfully supervise and manage technicians, contractors and vendors<br>• Working knowledge of reporting methods and tools for tracking and managing key performance indicators.<br>• Familiar with AutoCAD and CMMS.<br>Contact:</p><p>This job and many more are available through AKAR Ventures. Find us on the web at</p>”


Job Expiry Date - Valid through Date - Mandatary

The date when the job posting will expire.

The above sample URL with tag


If a job posting never expires, or you do not know when the job will expire, do not include this property.

Job Posted Date - Good To Have

The original date that the employer posted the job.

The above sample URL with tag 


Employment Type - Good To Have

Type of employment. For example:

“employmentType”: “CONTRACTOR”

Choose one or more of the following case-sensitive values:









The above sample URL with tag

<Employment_Type>FULL TIME</Employment_Type>

Salary - Good To Have


The actual base salary for the job, as provided by the employer (not an estimate).

The above sample URL with tag

<salary>FULL TIME</salary>

Job Id - Good To Have

This field is good to have, as each job would have a uniqueness. There will be lesser chances of duplicates being created.

The above sample URL with tag


Career Site Scrape

To use this extraction method, you must simply provide us with a career site URL from which you would like us to extract your jobs.

Sample Career Site:

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) Integration 

Our system can directly get integrated with the ATS and extract the jobs. Below are the ATS integrations currently supported by Jobiak. If your ATS is listed below then you would need information from “Required Fields” to complete a successful integration.

Expand here to see the ATS types: