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What is Google For Jobs?

Google for Jobs matches job seekers with relevant, high-quality job listings by aggregating job listings from around the web and presenting job search results in a simple box at the top of the search results. Google provides limitless filtering capability to present the best job postings that closely match a job seekers requirements. This new channel creates a significant opportunity for recruiters to directly reach highly qualified applicants. Browse our FAQ to learn more about how Google for Jobs works.

How Jobiak Works

Jobiak scans your post and identifies the nine attributes that Google requires for Google for Jobs posts. We then transform those attributes in to the required HTML and JSON schema tags. Even though this is a complex process behind the scenes, Jobiak has put a clean, user-friendly interface on the underlying technology to make it simple for you to post your jobs directly to Google for Jobs, without requiring developer support.

Jobiak’s advanced Machine Learning tools are designed specifically for job postings, scouring millions of job descriptions to ensure a high degree of accuracy. Our tool has been trained to automatically recognize all of the key Google tag attributes including title, job location, job description, date posted, and hiring organization. You have the option to review those tags and make adjustments if necessary, and then with one click, publish your job. Read more about Jobiak’s machine learning algorithms here.

No HTML Experience Required

Jobiak makes it so you don’t need to code, and you don’t need a developer. The structure of the tags that Google requires for successfully posting your jobs to Google for Jobs can be daunting, and typically would require a skilled HTML developer and access to the code on your website. Instead, Jobiak is the only no-code required Google for Jobs posting engine available on the market today. Simply upload your job description, review the tags we find for you, and then publish. It’s just that easy, no coding required.

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