Post your jobs on Google for Jobs directly
and accelerate your candidate flow
No Coding Required

Are you a staffing or recruiting firm looking to replace your Indeed traffic? Let Jobiak get your jobs up on Google for Jobs quickly! Learn more about our Jobiak Swap Program here! 

The Direct Path To Your Best Candidates

Your best candidates are searching for their next job on Google. However, the days of simply using good website SEO to rank highly in search is over. Jobiak enables you to reach these candidates directly and accelerates your flow of quality candidates by simplifying how you post your jobs to Google for Jobs. Our advanced machine learning tools read your job post, identify the attributes Google requires, formats them to meet Google’s tag requirements, and then submits the updated job post to Google—all with no code required.

See How Jobiak Works!

Paste the URL of your job post or upload a PDF below to get started. We will scan your post and identify the tags for you to verify, preview, and then publish!

Keep Your Applicants Coming to Your Site

In just minutes, you can upload and optimize your job posting, and streamline the number of clicks from Google for Jobs to your application process. Our advanced Machine Learning tools are designed specifically to scan job posts and create the required complex Google tags,  saving you the headache of editing your HTML code.

The Jobiak platform is able to integrate with your existing ATS system to automatically pull jobs as you create them, ensuring a nearly instant update on Google for Jobs. The included advanced analytics provide you with insights on how your jobs are performing, and how that traffic converts in to applicants.

No Coding Required

Machine Learning Makes It Easy

Our advanced algorithms have been specifically tuned for the recruiting industry. Some of the best minds in the machine learning business have learned from millions of job postings to drive our tagging classification system.

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Intuitive User Experience

Our simple interface gives you the opportunity to review the attributes we have identified and make changes if necessary, in an easy and intuitive manner.

One Click Publishing

Once you have reviewed your tags, simply push publish, we take care of the rest! We embed the tags, publish the page, and then signal to Google to crawl your new job. You just have to sit back and let the applicants roll in!

Start Posting

Advanced Analytics Measure Impact

Our analytics engine will track how many people viewed your job, where they clicked on the job, and where they go next among other key metrics, providing you with a complete view of your posting performance.

Optimize Your Job Post

Coming soon: Jobiak’s powerful optimization features will score your job post to see how it compares to other posts and make in-line suggestions on what to improve for maximum visibility. Advanced A/B testing capability will allow you to test the effectiveness of different posts and scale up your results.

Take Back Your Apply!

Even if your jobs are showing on Google today, where are applicants going to apply? Are they going to your brand or are they going to a job board? The boards and aggregators are siphoning off your applicants and you are losing control over the apply process. Take control and make sure your jobs show up directly.